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PPF (Paint Protection Film)

PPF (Paint Protection Film)
PPF stands for Paint Protection Film, also known as clear protection film or transparent wrap. It is a transparent thin film applied to the exterior surface of a vehicle to provide additional paint protection. PPF is typically made of polyurethane material, and its special design helps resist stone chips, scratches, insect residue, and other environmental elements to prevent damage to the car's paint.
What's advantage for PPF?
The advantage of PPF lies in its ability to offer effective paint protection without altering the vehicle's appearance. It is a transparent, self-healing material that can automatically eliminate minor scratches and has UV and stain-resistant properties. PPF is commonly applied to the front portions of vehicles, especially areas prone to stone chips and insect impacts, such as the hood, front fenders, and side mirrors.
Stone Chip & Scratch Resistance
UV Resistance
Stain Resistance

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